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Saturday 13 August 2016


Oh Pinterest, why so addictive? I have spent hours on Pinterest pinning other people's creations and sketches, thinking: I should try that, that looks really cool. However, I've never actually used my pins for LOs. What a waste! So I have a fair bit of pins on my board, but I settled for the first sketch/idea with one photo that I liked (, it's a sketch by Lanette Erickson). 

I made a little sketch on a bit of scrap paper and left that next to my LO in progress. The background paper has been in my stash forever, I can't bring myself to purge good quality paper (the flimsy stuff went out recently), even though the front design is way too bold and big for my taste. I can't tell you how often I picked this up and thought: I really want to do something with this, I really like the pattern! Yes, in theory, but it never seemed to work with what I was scrapping. However, when I flipped it around.......this is perfect for my style! Lesson learned :)

Oh yeah, with regard to the sketch: I really only used it as inspiration, as you can see I switched up the title and an embellishment cluster and I journaled straight on the page instead of on strips. It really feels like my layout, even though the original idea might have come from someone else.

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